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HRT For Men 

Feel better. Look better. Live Better.

The Male Hormone Replacement Program begins with a private one on one consultation with our Provider. During this half hour, Heidi will discuss hormone replacement and answer any questions you may have. Using the personal information you provide, she will recommend a hormone replacement program customized to your needs.  Trinity Health is a specialty practice specializing in hormone replacement programs for both Men and Women. Each program includes an appropriate lab panel. Labs are drawn conveniently in our office and delivered to the lab for you. Once labs are complete, you return within 7-14 days for your program appointment.

The Program

On the day of your appointment, Heidi begins with the discussion of your health & lifestyle questionnaire. She continues with a review of each lab test, focusing on hormone levels and precisely how they work in your body. Heidi continues with how to achieve optimal levels. Based on your levels, she will recommend a hormone replacement program precisely for you.

Follow Up

Heidi and the Trinity Health staff pride themselves in hormone replacement. They provide hands on program management for each patient. Program management allows us to achieve successful patient results. Proper communication and follow up appointments are an integral part of each Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Program. The first recheck appointment is in approximately 7-8 weeks.

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