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Montana's Top Rated Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Clinic

As men and women age, even as soon as their 30’s and 40’s, vital hormones begin to decline. Numerous studies have shown that traditional (synthetic) hormone therapy may increase the likelihood of various cancers and heart disease.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, however, is a natural and safe approach to addressing hormone decline and managing symptoms caused by hormone imbalance.

Benefits include increased energy, weight loss, improved libido, and more restful sleep. Long term benefits include improved heart, brain, and bone health, as well as optimal thyroid function.



About Heidi Efinger NP-C MSN, Founder

At Trinity Health, Heidi, focuses on helping both women and men live happier and healthier lives. She relies on extensive blood testing, a scientific approach, and thorough patient assessment and evaluation to formulate the optimal hormone replacement plan. Heidi is committed to the ongoing management of her clients’ health and wellness.

Heidi has been in the caring profession for over 20 years. Her experience ranges across the lifespan and includes a variety of health care settings.

A Montana native and nature lover, Heidi has motivated and educated her patients to optimize their health and wellness naturally. 

"Heidi made me feel comfortable and she was very knowledgeable. I appreciate that she does preventative care and takes time to examine bloodwork as well as explain what it means. I would highly recommend!"
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